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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Join the Friends for Life PMC team on August 5th 2006

In 2005, many friends pedaled their bikes in the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) -- a bike-a-thon across Massachusetts that raises money for Dana Farber Cancer Institute -- and raised over $390,000.00 to support neuroblastoma cancer research.

Neuroblastoma is a solid tumor, which arises either in the sympathetic nervous system or closely associated adrenal glands and is usually, although not always located in the abdomen. It ususally strikes children under the age of 2. Because the symptoms of the disease tend to be varied and vague, some 65% of neuroblastomas are not diagnosed until the disease is widespread. Despite intensive courses of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and stem cell transplant and often initial success in treating the disease, it often relapses, making this one of the most lethal of all childhood cancers. Working together we intend to change these terrible facts.

Several families and friends whose children are afflicted with Neuroblastoma have joined forces to establish the "Friends for Life" Neuroblastoma Endowed Fellowship at Dana-Farber (account PD5100). This fellowship enables Dana Farber to hire researchers, for perpetuity, working hard to find more effective treatments and relapse protocol and to help eradicate this aggresive pediatric cancer.

We have created a PMC team named "Friends for Life". All the proceeds of the team is directed into the "Friends for Life" Neuroblastoma Endowed Fellowship (account PD5100)at Dana Farber.

Please join us, and ride the 2006 PMC as a "Friend for Life".

To join the "Friends for Life" team send an email to the team captain, Bruce Greer, with your PMC Egift ID.
If you have not yet registered for the 2006 PMC, go to Upon registration, you will be given an Egift ID.

Or if you want to direct your PMC fundraising without joining the team contact Denyse Dodd at 617-872-6020 or email her at

As a member of the "Friends for Life" team you will receive a free custom riding jersey and an invitation to the Friends for Life Berkley rest stop on Saturday August 5th to sample a Franwich. 100% of the money raised will go directly to Dana Farber and help to fund the cure that is needed to save our children.


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